How can we treat zero sperm count…???

Male Infertility increased day by day in which out of 100,50 percent of patients can get pregnancy by their own sperm.

2 variety can be seen in the population :

1) problem in production

2) travelling obstruction

Maximum result and confidence can be explained to those who are having obstruction.which means there will be a obstruction from testis to ejaculation in the travelling component.

So Doctor can obtain sperm by small needle aspiration. In difficult condition we can do Micro Tessa to retrieve best sperm.The most difficult scenario is problem in production. Our strong belief is to give minimum two month medical management on the basis of testosterone and estrogen.

25-30 percent can retrieve healthy sperm by a technique MicroTessa if required.we offer only Day 5 transfer and PGS & ERA in a recurrent failure and previous two abortion cases.

The prevalence and management of Endometriosis.

  • Endometriosis is the disease in which endometrium, i. e. the tissue that normally lines the uterus or womb, happens to grow outside of the uterus and on other areas in the body where it doesn’t belong. Total incidence is 1-2%. Usually the patients with endometriosis tend to have a very strong mental constitution, high achiever and usually very competitive with themselves.

  • Common signs and symptoms are painful periods, pain with intercourse, pain during urination  and defecation, infertility and excessive bleeding.
  • In short, endometriosis is a chronic disease that causes severe pain and fertility problems.
  • Endometriosis is of minimal, mild, moderate and severe stages.
  • The most common sites affected are the pelvic peritoneum and ovaries. Diagnosis is through transvaginal ultrasound, rectal endoscopical ultrasound, 3 D ultrasound or by MRI.
  • Surgery is required only in patients with more than 4 to 6 cm lesions accompanied by severe pain.
  • Infertility treatment: In young patients with good AMH, IUI is suggested.
  • In patients with decreased AMH and grade 3 or 4 endometriosis, IVF is required.
  • Egg freezing is an evolving option in unmarried female to preserve fertility in such cases.

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Issues in management of Advanced maternal age related fertility treatments.

  • 36 years and above patients are considered as advanced maternal age patients.
  • One egg has 4.5% capacity to generate into an embryo. So collecting more eggs is the only way forward which may require more than 1 egg retrieval.
  • As embryo biopsy is the prime requirement to find out healthy embryo, there is a need to freeze all the embryo at day 5.
  • Even the embryo is genetically tested, it will never implant in 55-65% cases in normal uterine lining. So only PGT-A shall not suffice.
  • Combination of PGT and ERA, which highlights the personalized implantation window period should be carried out in advanced maternal age cases.
  • Therefore,  Advanced Maternal age= Day 5 Embryo + PGT-A + Freeze all + ERA

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How to choose the right IVF clinic?

It is important to choose the right IVF centre for good results. However, there are few parameters which are considered as must before starting the IVF process. Following questions should be answered:

  • How long have the Medical Director, doctors, and embryologist been there at the centre?
  • Which type of procedures and protocols are followed at the centre? It is imperative that the clinic has a wide range of infertility treatment options and is familiar with the latest technology.
  • What is the type of technology available at the IVF centre?It is important to ensure that there is a right combination of experience and exposure to the latest technology in the doctor team.
  • What is the success rate of the clinic? This can be a very tricky question to answer but remains the most important point.

Is the IVF centre doing advanced IVF techniques? PGT & ERA like advanced techniques are the future techniques using which couples can get better success rates. Therefore it is important to ensure that the IVF centre offers these options.

By selecting the right IVF clinic at the right time, couples can avoid further misery with respect to physical, emotional and financial burden.

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Why unexplained infertility is increasing so much?

As we know, to form an embryo naturally, it requires one egg and one sperm and normal efficient environment in the body.

Why unexplained infertility is increasing so much?

Efficiency of sperm DNA, is a very important parameter for successful pregnancy. Genetically some inefficiency from birth in testes will produce defective less efficient sperm having less efficiency to create embryo.Lifestyle disorder which include unhealthy atmosphere, excessive stress, unhealthy food habits like tobacco and alcohol, smoking, pollution,pesticides and radiation directly affect fertility levels. Because of permanent damage from the above levels, unexplained infertility is seeing a steep increase.With the female part, Age is a major factor. After 30 years of age, their DNA become weaker year on year. Uterus and tubes, if damaged by infection than again it leads to fertility issues .

So to know your fertility power specially in female when age is less than 32 years, they need to check AMH levels through a blood test and try to plan pregnancy.

For Male semen analysis, DNA fragmentation test of semen and more than five years of active marriage life are the deciding factor for fertility power.

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True Facts of IVF treatment in today’s era.

I m sharing my personal experience today that to make sure that certain wrong things are not implemented in IVF treatments.

Polycystic ovary patient with one time ovarian hyper stimulation should not happen in today’s era. Because of the previous hyper stimulation patient should not accept egg donation.Early move towards IVF treatment is a future in PCOS patients.

Limit number of IUI to not more than 3 attempts.When patient is having 0 count in semen analysis, they should not accept sperm donation straight forward without biopsy. 50 percent men can retrieve sperm. Micro Tesa and Micro Pesa is the latest advancement in technology.

Transferring embryos repeatedly will not improve pregnancy rate. Repeated trials is not the way forward. Money binding scheme are non scientific and will promote more of unnecessary egg donation.

Don’t accept egg donation quickly at any low AMH levels. It is challenging to give pregnancy at any low AMH but it requires experience and technology.

Don’t accept egg donation before 40 to 45 years of age. Centres like WINGS have good experience to deliver better pregnancy rates at advance maternal age with own eggs.

More embryos number will not improve pregnancy rate. Single embryo transfer is our aim to reduce twin pregnancy complications.

Above discussion concludes that more than 80 percent pregnancy can be delivered without using third party donation if you utilise a strategy where trial is not the way forward.

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Why is Male Infertility increasing drastically as compare to Female Infertility?

According to the the literature, main reason is lifestyle which includes late work, more hour work in a day & Target which Male infertility increasing drastically as compare to female in today’s era.

Main reason is lifestyle which includes late working hours, erratic food habits, stress, etc. Pollution and pesticide in food highly affect the sperm production. Radiation emitted by gazettes like mobiles and laptops are extremely harmful for fertility health as well.

All of the above factors affect the production  and therefore ejaculated semen sample will have less count & motility(morphology). This disturbs or indirectly damage the DNA in the sperm nucleus called fragmentation of DNA which can be identified by DNA Fragmentation index test.

Technique called MACS, basically separates old aged sperms called apoptic sperm to an adherent column of MACS and you will get young and least DNA fragmented.

IMSI stands as the gold standard for sperm selection. It magnifies the sperm by 6000 x and helps in the best sperm selection technique for IVF.

At present Double density gradient method and IMSI is a way forward in IVF. MACS is still debatable.

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