True Facts of IVF treatment in today’s era.

I m sharing my personal experience today that to make sure that certain wrong things are not implemented in IVF treatments.

Polycystic ovary patient with one time ovarian hyper stimulation should not happen in today’s era. Because of the previous hyper stimulation patient should not accept egg donation.Early move towards IVF treatment is a future in PCOS patients.

Limit number of IUI to not more than 3 attempts.When patient is having 0 count in semen analysis, they should not accept sperm donation straight forward without biopsy. 50 percent men can retrieve sperm. Micro Tesa and Micro Pesa is the latest advancement in technology.

Transferring embryos repeatedly will not improve pregnancy rate. Repeated trials is not the way forward. Money binding scheme are non scientific and will promote more of unnecessary egg donation.

Don’t accept egg donation quickly at any low AMH levels. It is challenging to give pregnancy at any low AMH but it requires experience and technology.

Don’t accept egg donation before 40 to 45 years of age. Centres like WINGS have good experience to deliver better pregnancy rates at advance maternal age with own eggs.

More embryos number will not improve pregnancy rate. Single embryo transfer is our aim to reduce twin pregnancy complications.

Above discussion concludes that more than 80 percent pregnancy can be delivered without using third party donation if you utilise a strategy where trial is not the way forward.

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Why is Male Infertility increasing drastically as compare to Female Infertility?

According to the the literature, main reason is lifestyle which includes late work, more hour work in a day & Target which Male infertility increasing drastically as compare to female in today’s era.

Main reason is lifestyle which includes late working hours, erratic food habits, stress, etc. Pollution and pesticide in food highly affect the sperm production. Radiation emitted by gazettes like mobiles and laptops are extremely harmful for fertility health as well.

All of the above factors affect the production  and therefore ejaculated semen sample will have less count & motility(morphology). This disturbs or indirectly damage the DNA in the sperm nucleus called fragmentation of DNA which can be identified by DNA Fragmentation index test.

Technique called MACS, basically separates old aged sperms called apoptic sperm to an adherent column of MACS and you will get young and least DNA fragmented.

IMSI stands as the gold standard for sperm selection. It magnifies the sperm by 6000 x and helps in the best sperm selection technique for IVF.

At present Double density gradient method and IMSI is a way forward in IVF. MACS is still debatable.

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‘IVF is a blessing’, Farah Khan urges couples who can’t conceive to try it.

Director-choreographer Farah Khan, who had triplets at 43 with film-maker Shirish Kunder through IVF, has encouraged couples who can’t conceive to go for the specialized treatment.

Director-choreographer Farah Khan has encouraged couples who can’t conceive to go for specialized treatment, and says she herself underwent the IVF procedure which proved to be a blessing for her.

Farah, who is married to film-maker Shirish Kunder, said they had failed attempts of trying to have a baby naturally for two years, before they went for IVF treatment. Now they are parents to triplets – one son and two daughters.

“IVF is a blessing and I am really thankful as it has changed my life. A lot of factors today make it difficult for some couples to conceive, but we have solutions in the form of treatments. And I strongly believe in IVF, it helped me conceive my angels.

“Being persistent, positive and patient towards the procedure paid off. And if IVF can change my life, it could change yours too,” Farah, who became a mother at the age of 43, said in a statement.

The 52-year-old in association with Merck, pioneers in treatment of infertility, recently released a video for the cause. It features a personal account of Farah’s journey to parenthood.

She shares a vivid recollection of her fears, challenges, doubts and ultimately her story of hope, belief and positivity towards IVF that led her to become a mother.

Merck released this video as part of their ‘Parents of Fertility’ awareness initiative that helps and supports couples in India through this journey of parenthood.

Speaking about the campaign, Anand Nambiar, managing director, Merck India, said: “We are happy to share that our awareness efforts now have a new face and voice with actor, director and choreographer Farah Khan, coming on board as a Cause Ambassador for our ‘Parents of Fertility’ digital awareness initiative.”

“Merck has taken many small steps over the years to spread awareness on infertility as we understand that seeking treatment is emotionally and physically challenging. With this video we expect to reach out to millions of couples seeking help with the message that infertility can be dealt with and one should not lose hope and seek help of specialists to fulfil their dream.”

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Giving Wings To Motherhood.

Dr Jayesh Amin is group clinical director for wings IVF Hospitals which are in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Udaipur. After completing his MD(Gynec from M.P.Shah medical college in Jamnagar),he started his IVF career in 2005.wings hospital headed by Dr. Amin is trend setter in IVF industry for globally accepted protocols like day 5 for all and freeze all.IT has also been the adopter for that latest technology in the field of IVF which directly impact the patient outcomes like matcher witnessing system and Embryo scope.

The hospital has an excellent team of doctors from which Dr. Jayesh has been awarded the prestigious infertility treatments by the Honorable Health Minister.For following the best IVF practices, Wings Group has been awarded best quality award by European Medical Council.At present Dr. Jayesh Amin holds the post of secretary of Indian Fertility Society Gujarat chapter and National conveyor of fertility preservation SIG.

What are the latest trends in infertility management?

The most important and critical advancement is “only day 5 embryo transfer with freeze more strategy”

What are the latest trends in infertility management? - Wings Hospitals

• As at WINGS, we promote own egg pregnancy in any difficult situation through latest trends in infertility. As mentioned earlier, embryo freezing in advance maternal age (>35y) is the answer. We have to decide clinically whether we do it with or without PGT which is another current advancement option to increase the results.

• Currently, egg freezing has also passed the experimental stage. Egg freezing is a good option specially in women detected with any cancer and also for young unmarried women with endometriosis and women who want to plan pregnancy at advance age.

• Ovarian Tissue cryo preservation will be also possible in the near future.

• Before going for surrogacy option, platelets rich plasma(PRP) and stem cell therapy are possible treatments in very thin uterine lining with multiple ivf failures.

• We offer a Kid’s embryo scoring software that helps in better embryo selection and thereby will promote more of single embryo transfer in young patients without the use of high end techniques.

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What is personalized approach in IVF?

Let me try and put this entire concept in a layman terminology. The ability to grow a healthy plant requires a good seed be planted in a fertile soil. Then it requires proper nurturing till it thrives. Similarly, successful IVF requires the same relationship. A good seed is a competent, chromosomally normal embryo and fertile soil is a receptive uterine lining.

What is personalized approach in IVF? - wings Hospitals

Step by step approach in this concept can be as under:

• It is important to define the variables that affect embryo quality and uterine receptivity for each patient

• To avoid “one size fits all” protocols for controlled ovarian stimulation. Instead it is necessary to individualize the protocol to fit the profile of each individual so as to establish an optimally nurturing environment for developing follicles, eggs and uterine lining.

• To precisely time the egg retrieval (ER) and then safely extract, eggs from the woman’s ovary.

• Provide the environment for the embryo to grow till the 5th day. Along with this PGT is must in cases of advanced maternal age and repeated failure cases. Another genetic testing called ERA is used to know the exact transfer window period of each patient. This test has shown great promise even in case of a single failure cases.

Finally, to increase the chances of implantation, it is in the interest of the patient to go for scratching of the endometrium. It has shown good results with increase in the endometrial thickness. So by the use of advanced genetic biomarkers for individualised stimulation, hormone(FSH & LH) receptor, Euploid chromosomally normal embryo (PGT) and in even single implantation failure with the help of ERA, we can move towards single embryo transfer.

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When and where to start the IVF treatment?

Patients are confused about the time to start the IVF treatment. Should the age be considered as the parameter or the duration of the treatment? In Indian female, age beyond 35, IVF will be a better option.

More than 5 years of infertility period again strongly indicates IVF treatment. At any point, if AMH is less than 2.0, IVF is strongly indicated. In the era of IVF treatments, 3 IUI attempts are enough.

When and where to start the IVF treatment? - Wings Hospitals

Due to lack of regulations, patients are confused where to start the IVF treatment.

There are no set parameters to indicate which is the best centre for IVF treatments. But according to me, the following criteria is important in a IVF centre:

• More than 5 years of specialty infertility experience of the doctor.

• Most latest technology with 0.3 micron clean air modular lab.

• In-house and more than 5 years experience of embryology team.

• Atleast one triple gas bench incubator.

• Day 5 embryo transfer & freeze more strategy for all.

Advanced maternal age and zero/low count cases are the most difficult to treat in IVF and therefore PGT, ERA and Micro TESA are the mandatory requirements. Clincians with an approach towards Qualitative embryo transfers should be consulted to begin with.

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